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Maintenance of Manifold Block solenoid directional hydraulic valve

When faults occur in the working process of Manifold Block electromagnetic reversing hydraulic valve, the corresponding components can be simply maintained, so as to avoid the waste of resources caused by replacing the whole valve. The specific maintenance methods are as follows:




Maintenance of Manifold Block solenoid directional hydraulic valve


1) Spool repair




The spool may be worn and strained due to frequent use. Slight wear and tear, can be polished and reused; If the wear and tear is serious, the valve core can be chrome plated or brush plated repair. The surface roughness of repaired spool is Ra0.02 micron, and the tolerance of roundness and cylindricity is 0.003mm. [Electromagnetic reversing hydraulic valve]




2) Valve body repair




Valve body is mainly for hole repair. The repair method can be grinded or refined with diamond reamer. The roughness of valve hole after repair is repaired for valve body hole and valve core. [Electromagnetic reversing hydraulic valve]




3) Putter repair




The solenoid valve of the dry electromagnet, the push rod in use, one is the surface may produce scratches and oil leakage, the other is the failure caused by the improper length of the push rod. Wet solenoid valves do not have this problem. Surface wear and scratches caused by oil leakage, can be reprocessed according to the size; If the ac electromagnet is caused to whistle, generally push rod size is too long, can be appropriate for grinding short; If the reversing is not smooth, it is generally caused by the push rod length is not enough, the push rod length can be measured and compared.




4) electromagnet repair




The maintenance of Manifold Block solenoid is divided into dry solenoid maintenance and wet solenoid maintenance. Dry electromagnet repair is mainly to its internal rust decontamination. Polish the surface, smooth and clean the uneven areas, to prevent other substances from entering, resulting in a gap too large to cause the electromagnet hot or ringing. If the electromagnet coil is burned, the coil can be rewound according to the original number of turns. Fixed electromagnets are generally more flexible inside when shaken. General wet electromagnets do not need to be repaired, at most is cleaning. How to deal with the noise of the solenoid of Manifold Block solenoid reversing hydraulic valve


When the electromagnetic reversing hydraulic valve is working, the AC electromagnet on the solenoid valve is loud, and there are often two kinds of noise, that is, “buzzing” and “tap-tap-tap-sound”, the specific reasons are as follows:


How to deal with the noise of the solenoid of Manifold Block solenoid reversing hydraulic valve




(1) The push rod is too long, so that the movable iron core and the fixed iron core can not be well sucked to maintain the normal air gap, and the noise of “click” is issued. The solution is: appropriate grinding short putter length, so that the noise will generally disappear. However, it should be noted that if the push rod length is too short may affect the cover and opening amount of the valve core reversing, so it will affect the solenoid valve reversing performance, must be considered. Different manufacturers of electromagnet production of the same model of electromagnet, the push rod length is often different. Therefore do not change the brand of electromagnet easily, so as not to appear this kind of problem. [Electromagnetic reversing hydraulic valve]




(2) the quality of the AC electromagnet is problematic: when the coil is energized, the magnetic circuit is formed between the movable core and the fixed core to produce suction. When assembly and processing problems, can lead to the fixed core and movable core can not be very good suction and emit “buzzing” sound.




(3) The contact surface of movable iron core and fixed iron core is uneven and unpolished, and the air gap between the two is stuck by other dirt, which cannot be absorbed well and produces a sound similar to “buzzing”. [Electromagnetic reversing hydraulic valve]




(4) Spool and valve hole because of dirt stuck spool, electromagnet push not to move or because of burr and coordination accuracy problems, friction is too large, more than the suction of the electromagnet, there will be a similar “buzz” sound.




(5) the force of the return spring is too large, exceeding the suction of the electromagnet, and when the electricity is energized, it makes a “click” sound. [Electromagnetic reversing hydraulic valve]




When the user in the use of this problem can be carefully identified, find the root of the problem, the problem parts for the corresponding maintenance and replacement, in order to save costs, so as not to replace the whole valve waste.


Maintenance of Manifold Block solenoid directional hydraulic valve

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