Maintenance of large machining equipment parts

1, skim


Wipe out the oil on the parts, often choose cleaning liquid, such as organic solvent, alkaline solution, chemical cleaning liquid and so on. Cleaning methods include wiping, dipping, spraying, gas phase cleaning and ultrasonic cleaning. Cleaning methods include manual cleaning and mechanical cleaning.


2, derusting,


Corrosion on the surface of parts, such as rust on the surface of iron and steel parts, in the repair of mechanical equipment, in order to ensure the repair quality, it is necessary to eliminate completely. According to the specific situation, now the primary choice of mechanical, chemical and electrochemical methods for eradication.


(1) Mechanical rust removal. Use mechanical conflict, cutting and other effects to remove rust on the surface of parts.


(2) chemical rust removal. Use some acidic solution to dissolve the oxide on the metal surface to achieve the derusting intention. The process is: degreasing – water scour – rust removal – water scour – neutralization – water scour – dehydrogenation. In order to ensure the derusting effect, the solution is usually heated to a certain temperature, strictly control the time, and according to the material of the derusting parts, choose the appropriate formula.


(3) Electrochemical rust removal. Electrochemical derusting, also known as electrolytic corrosion, this method can save chemicals, high derusting efficiency, good derusting quality, but the consumption of energy and messy equipment.


3, in addition to coating layer


The maintenance coating layer of the surface of the parts can be eradicated according to the damage degree of the coating layer and the request of the maintenance coating layer, all or some eradication. After the elimination of coating layer, to wash clean, ready to spray rewriting coating.Guilong manifold blocks