Maintenance of large machinery and equipment processing

One, large mechanical equipment processing work, disconnect the switch, so that the surface of the lathe, the blocking cover, the guide rail surface, ball screw, light bar without oil stains, no iron pin, lathe surface cleaning.

Two, weekly fixed maintenance bed body guide surface and vertical double warping board guide surface cleaning and lubrication. Generally, the lathe needs maintenance after 500 hours of operation. Maintenance, it is necessary to disconnect the switching power supply of large mechanical equipment processing, and then carry out in the following order and provisions:

Maintenance of the main shaft: 1, clean up the oil filter, so that there is no dirt; 2. Check whether the spindle anti-loose nut is loose and the fixing screw is tight; 3, adjust the brake system and clutch friction disc gap.

1, clean up the transmission gear, coupling, and the introduction of new plant grease in the oil cup; 2. Adjust the tooth gap of the transmission gear; 3, check whether the coupling is shaking.

Three, double warping plate and knife maintenance.

Four, lathe tool rest maintenance (scrub surface and oil lubrication).

Five, lubrication system software maintenance. Need to clean the cooling pump, oil filter; Ensure smooth oil passage; Check the oil and keep it stable.

Six, the maintenance of household appliances. Clean the dust on the motor and electrical equipment box, and tidy the household appliances.

Seven, surface maintenance. Clean the surface layer and plug cover processed by large mechanical equipment, so that it is free from rust and oil stains. Check and fill all processing screws and rockers. After cleaning, each component is lubricated.

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