Machining mode of production

Machinery industry is the main energy of our economic development, social productivity resolution of the country’s economic development, machinery processing industry is the embodiment of the country’s consumption power, because of the development of the machine cause, our government is constantly unparalleled attention.

Machining mainly have three kinds of mode of production, distinguish for single production, batch production, mass production, individual production is not repeated consumption, few repeatedly, and about the batch production, is to make the same kind of machine, about the mass production, is to indicate the requirements of this kind of goods is bigger, needs a large number of consumption. Mechanical processing including smelting, forging, welding, thermal solution and other skills and facilities as well as cutting processing skills and tools, machine tools, instruments and so on, rapid development, so as to ensure the development of production demand for all kinds of mechanical equipment supply. At the same time, with the increase of production volume and the development of fine processing skills, also promoted a large number of consumption methods: parts replacement production, professional cooperation and cooperation, assembly line and assembly line composition.Guilong manifold blocks