Look at the advantages and disadvantages of CNC gantry milling machine and reverse milling and how to choose.

In the same cutting conditions, the power consumption of in the face milling is 5%-15% lower than that of in the face milling. In the same cutting conditions, the power consumption of in the face milling is also beneficial to chip removal. General should be as far as possible to use the milling process, in order to increase the surface smoothness of processed parts, to ensure dimensional accuracy. But in the cutting surface there is a hard layer, slag, workpiece surface uneven more significant, such as CNC gantry milling machine processing blank forging, should be used reverse milling method.

CNC gantry milling machine processing reverse milling, cutting by thin thickening, cutter teeth cut from the processed surface, the use of milling cutter. As conventional milling cutter blade after contact with the workpiece can not be cut into the metal layer, but in the workpiece surface sliding a short distance, in the process of sliding, the friction due to the strong, can produce a lot of heat, at the same time in machining surface hardening layer formation, reduce the degree of application of cutting tool affect the surface finish of workpiece, bring adverse cutting. In addition, the reverse milling, due to the cutting teeth from the bottom up. Along milling, cutter teeth and workpiece contact when the cutting thickness is large, and from the surface of the hard layer began to cut, cutter teeth by a great impact load, the milling cutter blunt faster, but there is no slip phenomenon in the process of cutter teeth cut.

Along milling is indeed higher than the surface finish of the inverse milling, and the machine tool force is small but the force of the along milling than the inverse milling, the tool is longer, so that the phenomenon of the knife is more serious, should be in rough machining with inverse milling, fine machining with along milling.

CNC longmen milling machine processing with smooth milling will not hit knife is not because of the servo motor, but the lead screw is ball screw, no reverse clearance, so the cutting will be more stable. The original use of reverse milling, mainly because of the non-CNC gantry milling machine processing gear clearance is relatively large, with not very good, in the along milling when the knife, it is recommended to reverse milling, rough milling is better; Smooth milling is better when finishing.

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