Large machinery and equipment processing plant for processing tips and errors.

When processing precision mechanical parts in large machinery and equipment processing plants, there are many requirements and provisions for processing technology, in order to ensure the qualified rate of factory parts.

Remove the jaws of the vise, and process two M4 threaded holes. Two steel plates (2) with thickness of 1.5mm are flush with the jaws of the vise, and the hard brass plate (3) with thickness of 0.8mm is riveted with aluminum countersunk rivets and fastened to the jaws with M4 countersunk screw (1) to form an applicable soft jaws. This can also protect hardware parts from being broken, but also have interchangeability.

For a workpiece clamping and positioning, because clamping will try to workpiece deformation, so, should be clamping and positioning, for 6 point positioning, find the limit of its freedom. When the inner hexagon lever handle is short and cannot exert itself, the inner diameter of the pipe slightly larger than the wrench can be used as a long handle to access the wrench into the slot from a section of milling slot.

In the process of mechanical manufacturing, errors mainly include spindle rotation error, guide rail error and transmission chain error. Spindle rotation error refers to the actual axis of rotation of the spindle relative to its average axis of rotation, it will directly affect the precision of the machined workpiece.

The main reasons for spindle rotation error are spindle coaxiality error, bearing error, coaxiality error between bearings, spindle winding and so on. Guide rail is the benchmark to confirm the relative position of each machine tool component on the machine tool, as well as the benchmark of machine tool movement.

The manufacturing error, uneven wear and installation quality of the guide rail are the important factors causing the guide error. Transmission chain error refers to the relative motion error between the beginning and end of the transmission chain. It is caused by the manufacturing and assembly errors of the components of the transmission chain and the wear in the process of use.

The experience of large mechanical equipment processing plants points out that the tool wear in the cutting process, and resulting in the size and shape of the workpiece change. The influence of tool geometry error on machining error is different with different tool types. When machining with fixed size tool, the tool manufacturing error will directly affect the machining accuracy of workpiece. But for general tool, its manufacturing error has no direct influence on machining error.

The role of fixture is to make the workpiece equivalent to the tool and machine tool has the correct position, so the geometric error of fixture has a great impact on the machining error. The thermal deformation of the process system has a great influence on the machining errors, mainly in precision machining and large machining, and the machining errors caused by thermal deformation sometimes account for 50% of the total errors of the workpiece.