Know floor boring and milling in use is how to adjust the beam?

The bed body of floor boring and milling processing is provided with an X axis guide rail, and the workbench is fixed across the bed body. A gantry frame is arranged over the working table, and the gantry frame also includes a gantry frame drag plate, which is clamped on the X axis guide rail. The beam is provided with a Z-axis drag plate, and the beam is clamped on the Z-axis guide rail through the Z-axis drag plate, and the beam is also provided with a Y-axis guide rail. Z axis guide rail, mounted on the gantry frame.

Floor boring and milling can complete the machining of different complex parts with high precision and efficiency. No matter how good the quality of machine tools is, problems will inevitably occur in the long use. In order to ensure the smooth production of machine tools, small problems can be solved by themselves.

After several months of floor boring and milling, the horizontal error of the beam was found, but the error direction was different from the previous one. Then according to the previous steps to level the beam, and mark the end of the lifting screw, regularly check the change of the mark, observe the mark dislocation, prove that the rotation between the screw and the screw seat. After checking the drawings, it was found that there was no tight fixation between the lead screw and the lead seat, which slowly rotated under the action of long-term alternating forces. In the middle position of the lead screw seat is installed with a pin, to solve the problem of beam tilt, floor boring and milling processing beam level adjustment, in the process of processing parts, it is found that the plane deviation after processing increases.

Inspection of the machine proves that the machine table is in good condition, but the table is not parallel to the beam, so the beam must be adjusted. Check the electrical equipment for horizontal adjustment of beams and find no problems. Use two jacks against the beam, and add a nonmetallic backing plate between the jack and the beam guide rail to avoid damage to the guide rail. Place the level in the middle of the rail. The crossbeam brake is energized to loosen it. Turn the wheel manually and raise the lower end of the beam until the level indicates level. Cut off the brake and clamp the beam.

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