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It is worth collecting the knowledge and matters needing attention about Manifold block hydraulic valve


The Manifold Block hydraulic valve manufacturer introduces that: 1. No matter the load size of the hydraulic valve, in the process of using the hydraulic valve, which can make the two actuators of the same oil source get equal flow is the equal diverter valve or synchronous valve, and the proportionally distributed flow is the proportional diverter valve.


2. In the operation process, the action of Manifold Block hydraulic valve is very flexible and reliable. The vibration and impact of the whole equipment are small in the working process, and the noise issued by the whole equipment is also small, so the service life of the equipment is relatively long.


3. After setting the orifice area of Manifold Block hydraulic valve, the movement speed of the actuator which has little change in load pressure and low requirement of movement uniformity can be basically kept stable, and the pressure difference between inlet and outlet of the throttle valve can be kept as a constant value in the process of changing load pressure.


4. In the process of use, Manifold Block hydraulic valve can be adjusted by adjusting the area of the throttle port between the valve core and the valve body and the local resistance convection generated by the equipment, so as to control the movement speed of the actuator of the hydraulic valve.


5, Manifold Block hydraulic valve has small variables in the process of external interference, and the structure of the whole equipment is very compact. The equipment has certain versatility in the process of installation, debugging and use, and the valve core is mainly used to control the valve port by making relative movement in the valve body.


6. When the fluid of Manifold Block hydraulic valve passes through, the pressure loss of the equipment is relatively small. When the valve port of the equipment is closed, the sealing performance of the equipment is good and the internal leakage is small.


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