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Installation and function of Manifold Block hydraulic valve

Manifold block hydraulic valve is an automatic component operated by pressure oil, which is usually combined with electromagnetic pressure distribution valve in the process of use, and can be used for remote control of oil, gas and water pipe system of hydropower station. Next, hydraulic valve manufacturers and we introduce the installation and function of hydraulic valves.

Installation of Manifold Block hydraulic valve


The surface roughness of valve and flange installed on Manifold block hydraulic valve block should reach Ra0.4, and the surface roughness of sealing surface of end pipe joint should reach Ra3.2. In addition, the perpendicularity allowance between the screw hole where the pipe joint is installed and its outer fitting surface shall be at least grade 8.


All the valve blocks of Manifold Block hydraulic valve fail to meet the requirements of machining accuracy, and 7H is generally selected in use. The machining accuracy of mounting holes of threaded cartridge valve should meet the requirements of product samples, and the roughness of mounting holes of cartridge valve is Ra0.8. In addition, there are also dimensional tolerance and shape tolerance requirements. The surface roughness of groove of type 0 ring is Ra3.2, and that of general channel is Ra12.5.


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Manifold Block hydraulic valve type


The flow valve and pressure valve of Manifold block hydraulic valve control the pressure and flow of the system by the throttling action of the flow section, and the direction valve controls the flow direction of the oil by the replacement of the flow channel. That is to say, although there are a variety of different types of Manifold Block hydraulic valves, there are still some basic points in common with them.


Installation and function of Manifold Block hydraulic valve


Manifold Block hydraulic valve function


Manifold block hydraulic valve is mainly used to control the flow direction of oil in the hydraulic system or to regulate the pressure and flow, so it can be effectively divided into pressure valve, flow valve and direction valve. In use, a valve with the same shape can have different functions due to different mechanisms of action.


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