In CNC longmen milling machine, numerical control system for external noise although with protective measures, but because of quantitative measurement of noise size and frequency is very difficult, and many uncertain factors, therefore, in the suppression of noise generation at the same time, to prevent the third generated noise into the NUMERICAL control system, increase the stability of numerical control system machine tool is very important. Xiaobian here for you to introduce the anti-jamming measures of numerical control system:

1. Classification of cables used by grouping machine tools for signal lines Each group of cables should be handled according to the treatment method described in the table and routed according to groups.

2, nc machine tool different ground wire connection NC machine tool should use a point grounding method, can not be convenient everywhere nearby grounding, resulting in multi-point grounding, the formation of earth circulation.

3, suppress and reduce the interference of the power supply line of THE PLACEMENT of CNC machine tools to stay away from the intermediate frequency, high frequency electrical equipment; To avoid high-power start, stop frequent equipment and electrical spark equipment with CNC machine tools located in the same power supply line, and the use of a separate power line power supply.

4, to prevent strong electrical interference CNC machine tools in the strong cabinet of the contactor, relay and other electromagnetic components are nc system interference source.

5. Cable clamping and shielding treatment All cables connected to the NUMERICAL control system shall be shielded.