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Hydraulic manifold block Manufacturers -Manifold block hydraulic cylinder maintenance technology summary, recommended to collect!

(1) The piston rod surface has scratches, resulting in external leakage, it should be repaired. hydraulic manifold block manufacturers




(2) The piston rod surface is more serious corrosion, or in the piston rod working length of the surface chromium plating layer off serious, can be first grinding, and then chrome plating repair. hydraulic manifold block manufacturers




Hydraulic cylinder profile




(3) When the dustproof sealing ring on the piston rod has no dustproof function, dust, chips, sand and other particles enter the hydraulic cylinder and damage the piston rod surface, the seals should be replaced. hydraulic manifold block manufacturers




(4) When the piston rod bending deformation value is greater than 20% of the design value, it must be corrected and repaired.




⑤ When the amount of leakage in the hydraulic cylinder exceeds 3 times of the specified design value, the cause of leakage should be checked. If the seals fail, the seals should be replaced; If the clearance of the piston is too large after wear, the piston should be redone for research and repair.




The hydraulic oil cylinder




When there is an external leakage at the two end cover of the hydraulic cylinder, it should be checked. If the seals at the end cover are aged or damaged, the seals should be replaced; If the connection screw is loose, it should be tightened. hydraulic manifold block manufacturers




When the buffering effect of buffer hydraulic cylinder is bad, the buffering device must be checked and repaired.




The maintenance standard of hydraulic cylinder mainly includes cleaning and inspection, disassembly and inspection, cleaning, assembly, test, polishing and painting, warehousing and other steps. The following is to explain in detail the specific maintenance standard: Hydraulic manifold block Manufacturers




1. Cleaning and inspection. Clean the outer surface of the cylinder in the workshop until there is no residual cinder. Check the outer surface of the cylinder, including whether the pipe joints are deformed, whether there is a plug, and whether the end cover of the cylinder is deformed. If any of the above problems are found, handle them in a timely manner. hydraulic manifold block manufacturers




2. Disassembly and inspection. Disassemble the cylinder with tools and check the surface coating of the piston rod. If the cylinder is found to be seriously damaged, it shall be scrapped. hydraulic manifold block manufacturers




Three, cleaning. Use special cleaning machine to clean the inside of the cylinder block of the hydraulic cylinder thoroughly, without precipitation particles, and clean the disassembled parts with rubber water or diesel oil. hydraulic manifold block manufacturers




The hydraulic oil cylinder




Iv. Assembly. Send someone to install seals everywhere; Special wrench should be used to tighten the threaded connector, and the torque should meet the standard requirements; After assembly of piston and piston rod, check for deviation of coaxiality and straightness of full length, and correct in time if any. hydraulic manifold block manufacturers




Five, test. Low pressure test (3MPa) to keep half an hour, check whether the leakage; High pressure test (30MPa) to keep half an hour, check whether the leakage. hydraulic manifold block manufacturers




Six, grinding spray paint. Polishing machine is used to polish the surface of the cylinder; Spray paint the surface of the cylinder block with a jet. Spray paint, the piston rod head simple bandage, prevent spray on the piston rod. hydraulic manifold block manufacturers




7. Warehousing. After the inspection by the quality inspector is qualified, the warehouse shall be stored and the inventory shall be handled. hydraulic manifold block manufacturers




The above is a detailed hydraulic cylinder maintenance standard, in the entire maintenance process, to install the correct steps, and do a good job in the details of each step. hydraulic manifold block manufacturers




Finally, say large hydraulic cylinder repair, the method of large hydraulic cylinders generally applied to large engineering, its weight is very big, but also under a lot of pressure at work, so there will be a different degree of wear and damage, according to the professional and technical personnel, large hydraulic cylinder repair technology is mainly manifested in the following five aspects. hydraulic manifold block manufacturers




Large hydraulic cylinder




First, surface treatment




Use absorbent cotton dipped in acetone or anhydrous ethanol to clean the scratched parts and then polish them. Rub the scraped surface clean with acetone. Then use a hot fan or iodine tungsten lamp to dry the water, while treating the surface of the repair to preheat. hydraulic manifold block manufacturers




Two, reconcile the material




Blend in strict proportion and mix well until there is no color difference. hydraulic manifold block manufacturers




Three, daub material




Apply a well-tempered 2211F to the scratched surface. hydraulic manifold block manufacturers




Four, curing




The temperature can be raised by halogen tungsten lamp. The curing time is shortened by half for every 11℃ increase in temperature, and the optimum curing temperature is 70℃. After the material is solidified, the material above the surface shall be repaired and leveled with a fine millstone or scraper. hydraulic manifold block manufacturers




Five, the repair of piston rod surface scratches




Can be polished repair, serious scratches or scratches on the piston rod surface to be re-electroplated, and then polished. hydraulic manifold block manufacturers




The above five points are for the hydraulic cylinder repair method summary, I hope to help you. hydraulic manifold block manufacturers

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