How to speed up CNC gantry milling machine processing development

China’s current CNC longmen milling machine processing development, production capacity, in quality and quantity can not meet the needs of the market, so in order to speed up the development of CNC longmen milling machine processing, to have the following points:

1. Institutionalization of production

Now the development of CNC longmen milling machine processing industry is characterized by the total production is not small, low level of repeated construction is serious; “Big and complete” and “small and complete” economies of scale are not easy to release; Enterprise self-supporting consciousness is strong, the production cycle is too long; High cost, slow response to market demand, uncompetitive.

2. Improve research and development capabilities

Strengthen the research and test of CNC gantry milling machine processing, forming a complete set of development ability. Joint research and development is one of the ways to improve research and development capacity, which can not only solve technical problems, but also meet the actual demand of production in terms of technical performance, and provide commercial products and services for users. To achieve independent development and the introduction of foreign technology combined, so that not only a high starting point of technology, and can greatly shorten the development cycle.

3. Accelerate technology introduction and cooperation

In order to obtain new technology, enterprises can directly cooperate with scientific research institutes, through cooperative production, joint venture management, to achieve high starting point, into batches, institutionalization of CNC gantry milling machine processing and production. As a national industrial base of equipment manufacturing industry level symbol of nc machine tools, through the introduction of five surface machine lie, flexible production line and horizontal machining center, vertical machining center consists of a flexible manufacturing system, all of them, and form the annual output of 000 units 1 CNC machine production capacity, to become China’s current big CNC machine tool manufacturing base.

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