Manifold block

How to solve the failure of Manifold block hydraulic system?


Control of hydraulic system actuator is a common symptom. The main performance is: cannot according to the set order start action and end action; An unexpected movement; The action is not smooth.


1) The action cannot start according to the set order


The direct cause of this kind of problem is that the reversing valve is not open normally. The possible influencing factors are:


The valve core of the reversing valve is stuck.


The top rod of reversing valve is bent.


The solenoid of the reversing valve is burned out.


The wire is loose.


Control relay failure, so that electrical signals can not be normal transmission. And other reasons in the circuit to interrupt the electrical signal.


Improper operation. Some switches and buttons are not in the right position to cut off the control signal. For example, after the safety door of the injection molding machine is opened, the closed mold movement cannot be realized because the control circuit of the safety door and the control oil circuit of the closed mold movement are cut off at this time. The throttle valve in series in the loop, the speed control valve stuck, can not achieve normal action, any oil channel in an unexpected blockage (implementation), it can not start normally.


For various reasons, the hydraulic power source can not be transferred from the discharge state to the working state, nor can it normally promote the motion of the actuator.


Occasionally, when the load part fails, there is no way to push it.


2) The action cannot be finished according to the set order


This kind of problem is usually caused by the reversing valve can not be closed in time. The possible reasons are as follows:


The reversing valve is stuck and the spool cannot be reset.


The reversing valve spring is broken and the spool cannot be reset.


The electrical signal of the reversing valve fails to disappear in time (such as execution switch failure, time relay failure, intermediate relay failure, etc.).


3) Unexpected actions


This kind of problem is mainly caused by the fault of the reversing valve and the electrical signal.


The spool of the reversing valve is installed backwards. If two of the reversing valve open and close position is jolted, there will be no power will have the phenomenon of action.


Due to the fault of the circuit, the electromagnet gets the wrong electrical signal, causing the misoperation.

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