How to remove the limit alarm of floor boring and milling machine?

Floor boring and milling machine is equipped with multi-station cutter tower or power cutter tower, the machine tool has processing technology performance, can process linear cylinder, oblique cylinder, arc and thread, groove, worm and other complex workpiece, with linear interpolation, arc interpolation different compensation functions, and in the batch production of complex parts played a good role.

The process from the analysis of parts to the production of control media is called numerical control program. CNC machine tools and ordinary machine tools processing parts of the difference is that CNC machine tools are automatic processing parts in accordance with the program, and ordinary machine tools to be operated by people, as long as we change the control of the machine tool action program can achieve the purpose of processing different parts. Therefore, the floor boring and milling machine is suitable for processing small batch and complex shape requirements of the parts.

Lifting method of limit alarm of floor boring and milling machine, first confirm whether it is hard limit alarm or soft limit alarm:

Soft limit alarm: press the cancel limit on the panel to reset, after the alarm is lifted, shake it through the handwheel, if there is no cancel limit button, it needs to change the limit value in the parameters.

Hard limit alarm: that is, the limit switch on the guide rail is sensing, there is a method to cancel the limit key as above, if not, it is necessary to disassemble the protective plate to move the hard limit switch position, move the drag plate back and then install the upper limit switch.

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