How to reduce the machining accuracy error of CNC gantry milling machine

CNC longmen milling machine to do machining, machining accuracy error is inevitable, only on the factors affecting the error of detailed analysis, can take the corresponding measures to reduce machining error, improve the efficiency of machining.

CNC longmen milling machine processing application in mechanical processing, processing process will inevitably produce errors, if you want to improve work efficiency, reduce material waste, reduce labor, you should improve the processing accuracy. Machining refers to the process of changing the size or performance of the workpiece through machinery. According to the temperature state of the workpiece is divided into cold processing and hot processing.

CNC longmen milling machine processing process refers to a work place, or a group of parts by the continuous completion of that part of the process. The main characteristic of forming a process is that the processing object, equipment and operator are not changed and the content of the process is completed continuously.



The maintenance method of floor boring and milling machine before operation

The maintenance of floor boring and milling machine can be divided into several stages, such as the maintenance before the operation, the maintenance in the process of operation, and the maintenance after the end of the operation, of course, and his regular maintenance. The following small series to introduce the specific maintenance method before the operation.

In the maintenance before operation, we should first check the machine itself and the shell of the electrical switch. They are to be grounded, and there can be no damage. If there is loosening, we should fix it in time. Lubrication should be carried out in accordance with the relevant provisions, and the screws, handballs and other parts should be checked. And check the power switch.

Secondly, open the motor of the spindle, see if there is any abnormality, in the empty 10 minutes, when the operation should pay more attention to the ground boring and milling machine motor and electrical appliances their temperature and sound. After the completion of the job to let the handle in a neutral position, turn off the motor, but also to clean the table to do the corresponding lubrication work, and the length of cleaning work.Guilong manifold blocks