How to process thread with multiple tools through floor boring and milling machine?

Machinery processing plant, we in the floor boring and milling machine for thread processing, usually using a tool for cutting. In the process of large pitch thread, because of the tool wear too fast, it will cause the screw size change after cutting, screw precision is low. This paper introduces a method of cutting thread in floor boring and milling machine, which can be divided into coarse and fine turning tools.

In the process of processing, when the coarse lathe blade wear to the end, the fine lathe blade to the coarse lathe tool, the fine lathe tool to replace the blade. In this way, the screw thread cutting precision can be guaranteed and the tool cost can be reduced. The method depends on the precision of coarse and fine thread cutting tools.

Operation method: the workpiece end face and the outer circle are cut a knife, and then measure the outer circle diameter; Coarse thread cutter cutting thread. Specific methods are as follows:

The roughing tool is first cut to the outer circle by hand pulse generator. Shake the work piece in the positive direction of Z axis by hand pulse generator and input the measured value.

Write down the specific data displayed on the X axis. Use the hand pulse generator to feed 1-2mm in the negative direction of the recorded data displayed on the X axis. The same hand pulse generator in the Z – axis negative direction of the feed, the tool cutting to the workpiece on the line.

Input Z0. At this time the coarse lathe thread cutter end.

According to this method to finish the thread, the operation steps and coarse turning tool tool method is the same. In this way, there will be no chaos in the cutting process. Even if there are many cutting tools, it will also not produce the phenomenon of random buckle.

Matters needing attention:

1, each tool in the X axis, the number of machine display is not the same. To record the actual data of each tool. After exiting the X-axis, the X-axis feed data of multiple thread cutting tools should be the same, no difference.

2, in the process of knife, close to the workpiece X axis and Z axis, it is recommended to choose the hand pulse generator feed 0.001mm gear.

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