How to maintain the hydraulic system of gantry milling machine

Longmen milling machine hydraulic system maintenance problems have a lot of, about the longmen milling machine hydraulic system maintenance problems there are a lot of information on the web reference, xiaobian sorted out some information for reference. Pay attention to the use of the oil filter, the filter should be cleaned when cleaning the tank, the filter element of the oil filter should be processed on schedule by the radial drilling machine. Note the following points:

Gantry milling machine hydraulic oil should be checked regularly, for the new use of hydraulic equipment, the use of three months or so should be cleaned oil tank. There is a hydraulic system in the milling and boring machine. In the process of use, we should often check and maintain the hydraulic system, so that the hydraulic system of the milling and boring machine can work normally.

Winter oil viscosity, to find a way to heat up. Before starting the system should check whether the adjustment of the pinch hand, hand wheel, handle is normal, electrical switch and travel stop iron position is firm, and then wipe the guide rail and piston rod exposed departments before starting.

If not used for a long time, the handwheel should be relaxed, so as to avoid spring deformation and affect component function. After every six months to a year for cleaning and oil change 1 times.Guilong manifold blocks