How to maintain quality when large machine processing

1, the quality of raw materials: high-quality raw materials are the prerequisite for the production of high-quality products. No matter through which way, raw materials to the factory after strict chemical composition test, grain size determination, purity evaluation. The purpose is to adjust the deformation of heat treatment in time and strengthen the quality of tooth profile processing.

2, civilized production: 30% of the gear transmission noise comes from burr and bump. Some factories in the gear box before assembly, to burr and knock, is a passive approach

3. Prepare organizationally for handling. Attention should be paid to the normalizing or tempering process, to keep the temperature of the furnace uniform, and the use of station utensils, so that the workpiece evenly heating and cooling, do not pile up together.

4, gear precision: the basic requirements of gear precision: through practice verification, gear precision control in GB10995-887-8, linear speed is higher than 20m/s gear, gear distance deviation, gear ring radial runout tolerance, tolerance should be stable to reach 7 precision.

5, heat treatment deformation: the tooth blank in rough machining into fine forging, normalizing or tempering treatment.

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