How to improve the machining efficiency of gun drill in deep hole boring machine?

To increase the machining efficiency of gun drill in deep hole boring machine, the following improvements can be made. When the depth of the hole is 20 times of the aperture, the deep hole drilling method should be selected for processing. For many years, the single-edge deep hole drill has been a common tool for machining deep holes with diameters less than 40mm.

The disadvantage is that the reachable feed speed is small. When processing quenched and tempered steel, if the feed is improved, the tool wear will increase and bad chip shape will occur. Therefore, low processing power and short tool life are the downwind of general single-edge deep hole drilling.

Fine edge rounding and overall coating can increase tool life without affecting machining accuracy. On the premise of keeping high drilling quality of single-edge deep hole drilling, the cutting tool is optimized to improve its processing power and reduce the tool life.

Moreover, the application performance of different coating materials and coating structures should be studied. Many practices have proved that the tool wear of the whole coating is smaller than that of the general partial coating. In most cases, slightly inverting the edge can improve tool life compared to using a single-edge deep hole drill with a sharp edge.

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