How to eliminate the clearance of rack and pinion transmission of CNC planer milling machine


The use of CNC gantry milling machine processing, should pay attention to the machine tool in the use of rack and pinion drive clearance elimination method.

For large CNC machine tools with long working stroke, such as large CNC gantry milling machine processing, the injection movement should not use ball screw pair transmission, generally using rack and pinion transmission to achieve linear feed movement. Rack-and-pinion drive also has the same tooth side clearance as gear drive, so there is also the problem of eliminating clearance.

When the load is small and the feed force is not large, the rack and pinion can be adjusted by double thin gear wrong tooth, and the left and right sides of the tooth groove of the rack are respectively close to eliminate the gap. However, the staggered gear adjustment method can not meet the requirements of heavy load of large machine tools.


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