How to deal with waste cutting fluid processed by floor boring and milling machine?

There are generally three methods for processing waste cutting fluid in floor boring and milling machine, including evaporation method, film separation method and chemical method.

These three methods are also suitable for: emulsified cutting fluid, semi-synthetic cutting fluid, fully synthetic cutting fluid waste liquid treatment; Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages.

1, the advantages of evaporation method is simple process, operation, the role of treatment is also good, but in the energy consumption is high, and will produce the corresponding pollution to the atmosphere of the compound, such as the content of the compound, so it is generally not recommended to use this method for cutting liquid metal treatment of waste liquid.

2 is a commonly used method, chemical method, mainly including the use of inorganic polymer separation and the two processing methods, and the two methods is also easy to operate, in the case of a large amount or less is used, and the processing cost is low, so most of the cutting fluid using manufacturers like to choose this kind of waste liquid treatment method.

3, the method of film separation is mainly to use the filter membrane to treat the waste liquid of cutting fluid, including: reverse immersion, microporous filtration and ultrafiltration. Most manufacturers using membrane separators will choose to heat up to 40 degrees Celsius before ultrafiltration.



Causes and solutions of thermal deformation of CNC planer milling machine.

Numerical control longmen milling machine processing thermal deformation reasons: under the influence of internal and external heat, various parts will have different degrees of thermal deformation, the workpiece and the relative motion between the tool was broken for numerical control longmen milling machine processing, because the processing process is calculated by the command control, the influence of thermal deformation is more serious.

In order to reduce thermal deformation, the following measures are usually adopted in its structure:

1. Control temperature rise After taking a series of measures to reduce heat source, the situation of thermal deformation will be changed. But it is often difficult to solve the internal and external heat sources. Therefore, temperature rise must be controlled through good heat dissipation and cooling to reduce the influence of heat source. The better method is to force cooling in the heating part, but also in the low temperature part by heating the method, so that the temperature of each point tends to be the same, so as to reduce the warpage deformation caused by temperature difference.

2, reduce the heat of nc longmen milling machine processing internal heat generated heat deformation, should be as far as possible to separate the heat source from the host.

3, improve the mechanism in the same heating conditions, the mechanism also has a great impact on the thermal deformation. For example, the single column mechanism used in the past may be replaced by a double column mechanism. Due to left-right symmetry, the deformation of the main axis of the double-column mechanism is very small except for the vertical translation, and the vertical axis movement can be easily compensated by a coordinate correction.

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