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How to deal with leakage of Manifold block hydraulic cylinder


How to do the oil pressure cylinder leakage? Especially when the hydraulic equipment is in trouble, do not panic. It should be handled calmly and solved. The reasons for oil leakage of the oil cylinder are generally divided into the following points:


1. The sealing ring of the hydraulic press is often worn and causes oil leakage.


Solution: Replace a new sealing ring.


2. Oil leakage caused by long service life of hydraulic press.


Solution: If the oil press is used for more than 10 years, all the seals in the oil cylinder, such as the sealing ring, dust ring, O-ring and so on, should be replaced. After all, the use time is too long, and oil leakage is an inevitable phenomenon.


3. Oil leakage caused by excessive use of the cylinder pressure range.


Solution: if the pressure of the oil press is 400T, and the product you use needs the pressure of 600T to form, then you often use the press of 400T to use the press of 600T, it is strange that the oil press does not leak. The solution is to try to control the use of the machine in the range of available pressure, if you want to use beyond the range, then you are prepared to change the seal ring once a month, or a year to change the cylinder.


4. The oil spill is caused by a man-made collision.


Solution: Replace the damaged parts, if you can not find the appropriate model size only to replace the new cylinder.


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