How to choose the tool used in CNC longmen milling machine processing

In CNC longmen milling machine processing, the choice of tool is very important, how to choose the tool?

1, CNC tool selection principle

General tool life is closely related to the cutting amount, so in the formulation of cutting amount, the choice of tool is very important. Tool life generally has high and low points, the former is related to single piece of time, and the latter is related to process cost.

When considering the tool life, should be based on the tool complexity, manufacturing cost, etc. If it is used for the operation of more complex multi knife mechanical equipment, then should choose a high life, and its performance is better.

Numerical control tool is a tool, it is higher than ordinary tool requirements, not only need good rigidity, strength and precision, but also requires dimensional stability, good patience.

2, CNC turning tool selection

CNC turning tools generally have type turning tools, pointed turning tools and arc turning tools these three categories. When we choose, we should combine the characteristics of CNC machining, carefully consider, and also take into account the tool itself, so as to choose the right one.

3, CNC milling tool selection

CNC gantry milling machine processing CNC milling tool with the main requirements are: stiffness, and easy to use. So take these into consideration and choose the right one.

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