How to analyze the sand cleaning process of CNC rotary table?

Generally speaking, when grinding parts with machine tools, if parts are not handled well, their size deviation will affect their installation and use. So sometimes, we need to grind the parts, after which we have to learn to sand the CNC rotary table. So, what kind of method is used to clear the sand of rotary table? What are their strengths and weaknesses? So people who often operate machine tools for production and processing are very concerned about it. Now let’s understand it together.

Numerical control rotary table sand cleaning form manual sand cleaning and blasting sand. Numerical control rotary table manual sand cleaning cost is low, some local processing is not very clean. On the contrary, the cost is high, but the SURFACE of the CNC rotary table is clean. The ideal temperature of CNC rotary table for shot blasting cleaning can be close to the ambient temperature, but the cooling time of each foundry is not the same, so the temperature of CNC rotary table entering the shot blasting room is also very different. Therefore, the possible high temperature of single-side milling machine production should be taken into account. Assuming that the customer needs to clean such high temperature castings, the design of shot blasting machine should meet such requirements, so as to reduce future maintenance, downtime and other problems including operational hazards.

In this paper, we mainly share with the CNC rotary table for sand cleaning attention, manual sand cleaning and blasting sand can not be ignored.

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