How is the multi-axial structure controlled when machining large machinery equipment?

With the popularity of five-axis linkage numerical control system and programming software, five-axis linkage control equipment processing and CNC milling machine has become a development focus in the current, because in the free-form surface machining, five-axis linkage control of ball end milling cutter numerical control programming is simple, and can make the ball end milling cutter in milling in the process of 3 d surface always keep a reasonable cutting speed, So as to significantly improve the roughness of machined surface and greatly improve the efficiency of processing, and on the three axes linkage control of machine tools cannot avoid cutting speed is close to zero ball milling cutter head end cutting, to participate in, therefore, five-axis linkage of large mechanical equipment processing with its significant performance advantages has become each big large mechanical equipment processing factory to the focus of development and competition.