Gantry milling machine CNC technology development trend

With the continuous progress of The Times, the traditional gantry milling machine has been transformed from ordinary to NUMERICAL control, the best-selling domestic should be gantry milling machine numerical control transformation and manufacturing. In terms of the current development trend of CNC technology and equipment in the world, its main research hotspots mainly include the following aspects:

1. Performance development direction

Speed, precision and efficiency is close to build performance index of the mechanical manufacturing technology, the adoption of high speed CPU chip, RISC chip, CPU control system, and with a high resolution is absolutely the ac digital servo system detecting element, taken at the same time to improve machine tool dynamic, static characteristic effective measures, such as high-speed high-definition high-effectiveness of machine tools has greatly improved, In terms of machining accuracy, in the past 10 years, the machining accuracy of ordinary CNC machine tools has been improved from 10μm to 5μm, and the precision machining center has been improved from 3-5μm to 1-15μm, and the ultra-precision machining accuracy has begun to enter the nanometer level – 0.01μm). In terms of reliability, the MTBF value of foreign numerical control devices has reached more than 6000h, and the MTBF value of servo system has reached more than 30000h, showing very reliability. In order to realize high-speed and high-precision processing, the supporting functional components such as electric spindle and linear motor have been developed by express, and the application field has been further expanded.

Ii. Functional development direction

The user interface is the dialogue between nc system and the user interface, due to the different user requirements of interface, thus developing the user interface of work is great, the user interface to become one of the most difficult part of computer software development, the current Internet/virtual reality, scientific computing visualization and multimedia technology also puts forward higher requirements on the user interface, Graphical user interface greatly facilitates the use of non-professional users, people can through the window and menu point line, convenient blueprint programming and fast programming, three-dimensional color three-dimensional dynamic graphics display, graphics simulation, graphics dynamic tracking and simulation, different directions of view and local display scale function.

Third, the development of architecture

Using highly integrated CPU/RISC chip, large-scale programmable integrated circuit FPGA/EPLD/CPLD and ASIC chip can improve the integration degree and the running speed of hardware and software of numerical control system. The application of FPD flat panel display technology can improve the performance of the display. Flat panel display has the advantages of high scientific and technological content, light weight, small volume, low power consumption, easy to carry and so on. It can realize the super large size display, become the emerging display technology to compete with CRT, and is the mainstream of display technology in the 21st century. The integration of semiconductor and surface-mounted technology reduces product price, improves performance, reduces component size and improves reliability by increasing IC density and reducing interconnect length and number.Guilong manifold blocks