Function and safety technology of floor boring and milling

The main function of floor boring and milling machining is boring various holes and holes on the workpiece, especially suitable for the processing of porous box parts. In addition, can also process plane, groove and so on.

The boring worker must comply with the following safety techniques:

(1) Equipment and work site must be checked before work to eliminate the hidden danger of accidents.

(2) The screw of the flat rotary plate tool rest should be tightened, and the boring bar and the rotary plate should not be stopped by hand.

(3) when boring, it is forbidden to measure the size of the workpiece and the sample, and is not allowed to touch the processing surface by hand, is not allowed to close the head to the processing, is not allowed to take the rotating boring bar.

(4) when turning the table, the boring bar must be retracted to avoid collisions between the boring bar and the table.

(5) When more than two people operate a boring machine, they should cooperate closely with each other to avoid accidents.

(6) Strictly implement the succession system.

(7) The first inspection system shall be implemented.

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