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Faults of Manifold block hydraulic components

In addition to the faults caused by hydraulic oil pollution and system leakage, the mating of hydraulic components and the processing error of itself may also lead to the faults of Manifold Block hydraulic system. Although the occurrence of this factor is very small, the possibility of its existence cannot be ruled out. Manifold Block hydraulic system in the operation process, will be affected by a variety of random factors, especially the invasion of pollutants, such as damping plugging, reversing valve core blocked, electromagnet is not normal and so on, these failures have no certain rules to follow.


Hydraulic components mainly refer to power components (hydraulic pump), control components (various hydraulic valves) and executive components hydraulic motor, hydraulic cylinder), from the fault of these three types of components, power components, namely hydraulic pump failure is the most easy to discharge, followed by the executive components, The control component, namely the hydraulic valve, is Manifold block hydraulic valve because of its variety, different functions in the hydraulic system and the complex connection between the Manifold block hydraulic valves, which increases the difficulty of discharging its faults. Therefore, the failure of the hydraulic components is focused on the Manifold Block hydraulic valve, and you should be familiar with the hydraulic system schematic diagram of the equipment. Familiar with the structure, performance and installation position of hydraulic components, and provide technical support for daily maintenance of hydraulic components.


Leakage of Manifold Block hydraulic system


Working liquid leakage in Manifold Block hydraulic system can be divided into the following two kinds:


(1) Internal leakage refers to the leakage of a small amount of liquid inside the hydraulic components from the high pressure chamber to the low pressure chamber. For example, oil leakage from the high-pressure chamber to the low-pressure chamber of the hydraulic pump, and from the pressure channel in the reversing valve to the oil return channel.


(2) External leakage refers to the leakage of a small amount of liquid from the inside of the component. Leaks in pressure lines can be easily detected because the leaking hydraulic oil can be seen. Maintenance personnel and operators should regularly inspect every element of the hydraulic system to identify leaks and address them immediately.


Standardized design requirements of Manifold Block hydraulic valve block


What are the standardized design requirements of Manifold Block hydraulic valve block? Do you know, the following, Shandong hydraulic valve manufacturers and we have a brief introduction.


The shape of Manifold block hydraulic valve block is usually regular hexahedron, and its valve block material is very suitable for 35 steel forgings or continuous casting billets in the manufacturing process. The length of the side of the hydraulic valve block should not be greater than 600mm, and the number of the two way cartridge valve plug-in should not be greater than 8. When more than 8, it should be divided into several valve blocks. The valve blocks are connected with each other by bolts, and the connecting holes at the joint surface are sealed with o-type sealing rings, forming the whole valve block group.


Manifold block hydraulic valve


The Manifold block hydraulic valve block should be considered to reduce the flow resistance loss as much as possible and facilitate processing when designing the main channel of the Manifold block. When the main channel is connected with multiple plugins, in order to reduce the local velocity loss at the junction, the method of disconnecting with the plug hole is adopted when using the Manifold block. Hydraulic valve block in the process of design should try to avoid the valve block in the body of the complex connection of the control channel and three-dimensional oblique hole, in use should make full use of the control cover plate in the control channel or the pilot control block and other special control channel connection body.


The inclined channel should be avoided for Manifold block hydraulic valve block. When inclined, the inclined Angle of the hole should not exceed 35°, and must ensure that the hole seal is good. For the main inclined hole, the long axis dimension of the ellipse orifice caused by machining the inclined hole should be marked on the relevant view. The above is the shandong hydraulic valve manufacturers brought about the standardized design requirements of hydraulic valve block to share, to know more information related to Manifold Block hydraulic valve, please pay attention to the official website of our company.

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Maintenance of Manifold block hydraulic valve