Do you know what is the use of the formulation of processing procedures for floor boring and milling machine


1. Master the concept of working steps and processes.

2. Understand the classification of datum, master the selection principle of positioning datum and basic requirements of workpiece clamping.

3. Understand the commonly used machining methods and machining accuracy of metal surface, and understand the main factors affecting the machining surface quality and control measures.

4. Master the arrangement principle of processing sequence, such as process concentration and dispersion, rough finishing concept, etc.

5. Be able to determine the reasonableness of simple parts processing process route.

6. Understand the process card of medium complex parts of typical multi-work composite processing.


Abnormal sound of cutting system processed by large mechanical equipment may appear in the following five parts:

1, reversing time, coupling or key, at this time to carefully find out the reason, replace has loosened the key, so that the recovery of a large area of strict coordination; The coupling should restore the function of the buffer pad, so that the flexible buffer is really useful, these parts can not work with the disease for a long time, otherwise it can not be repaired.

2. The foreign body sound in the drum is mostly caused by small metal particles or molybdenum wire head entering the drum. As long as the screws of dynamic balance adjustment in the drum do not fall off, the screw can operate as usual, and soon the small metal particles or molybdenum wire head will be exhausted.

3, the abnormal sound of the belt or gear, to check whether the belt or gear has excessive wear, to be replaced in time, such as improper occlusal clearance, to adjust the occlusal clearance in time.

4. The silk tube to the silk lead screw bears too much load resulting in friction or collision sound, which will soon damage the relevant parts. The abnormal phenomenon of this part should be stopped and searched carefully until the investigation.

5, large mechanical equipment processing wire motor fan blade or its own dynamic balance.

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