Do you know how to test the accuracy of CNC gantry milling machine?

In modern society, the use of machine tools has been very common, mainly in recent years out of several machine tools. But also formally because of this, people for his maintenance problems have been neglected, resulting in CNC longmen milling machine processing work is frequent problems. Let the following small editor to tell us all about what is going on.

When we use CNC gantry milling machine processing operations, we should strictly in accordance with the corresponding procedures to operate, but also to check the voltage and power grid. If we turn on the machine for five minutes after the display is not a problem, then we can start normal operations. To open the automatic lubrication system, to see if the guide rail has done a good job of protection, but also to wipe oil, shut down the machine tool to clean up the dirt, but also on the guide rail and the workbench to wipe oil, and then turn off the power, only pay attention to details can have high accuracy.

We usually say the efficiency is actually look at the machine tools he is turning big, of course it is depends on the engine, the force for the screw is not to forget, if screw not up to par or too thin, power will become larger, and quickly, this time his turning operations will be bigger, but screw it could also be broken, So we also have to consider the screw his ability to withstand.