Discussion on wearing parts dressing of CNC planer milling machine

CNC gantry milling machine processing use for a long time, daily maintenance is very important, due to the long-term load running state, prone to wear, pitting and fatigue damage phenomenon.

Dressing of wearing parts also becomes a key link to enhance the performance of machine tools. The main vulnerable machine tool built spindle, spindle sleeve and sleeve hole. These parts can usually be repaired without serious wear or failure and continue to be used.

1, spindle dressing: CNC gantry milling machine machining spindle structure of the general machine tool spindle structure is basically the same, the method can refer to.

2. Dressing of sleeve hole: wear of sleeve hole will increase the roundness and column error of the hole, and make the surface roughness worse. Normal use, will not produce serious wear, generally through grinding dressing can restore the accuracy. However, before dressing, it is necessary to make a separate grinding rod for grinding.

3, sleeve dressing: when CNC milling machine processing sleeve wear is not large, the amount of body hole dressing is not large, can continue to use after sleeve dressing. The purpose of dressing is to compensate for the wear of the outer diameter, so that the matching gap between the sleeve and the body hole can meet the requirements. Generally use iron plating dressing process, or replace the new sleeve.


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