Discussion on tool compensation type of NC machining center.

There are two kinds of tool compensation: tool position compensation and tool tip arc radius compensation. The controlled action of gantry machine tool roughly includes the starting and stopping of machine tool; Spindle start and stop, rotation direction and speed transformation; Direction, speed and mode of feed movement; Tool selection, length and radius compensation; Tool replacement, coolant on and off, etc. The machining center is a machine tool controlled by a computer. The computer used to control the machine tool is called a NUMERICAL control system, whether it is a computer or a general computer. The movement and auxiliary action of CNC machine tools are controlled by the instructions issued by the CNC system.

Tool position compensation includes tool geometry compensation and tool wear compensation. In CNC machining center, if multiple tools are used in the process of machining, the center position of the tool rest is usually used as the programming source, and geometric compensation is the offset of the ideal tool or reference tool in the preparation of tool shape, tool installation position and program. The error between tool size and original size after tool wear is compensated by wear compensation of NC machining center. The tool position compensation function is realized by T code in the program section. In the four digits following the T code, the first two digits are the tool number and the last two digits are the tool compensation number. The tool compensation number is actually the address number of the tool compensation register where the geometric offset and wear of the tool are placed.

In CNC turning plus T, in order to increase the strength of the tool top and reduce the roughness of the machined surface, the ring radius at the top of the tool is usually treated with the arc transition edge of 0.4-1.6MRN. However, in the process of NC machining programming, T is generally programmed according to the imaginary cutter tooth A. The cutting edge that plays A role in the actual turning is the cutting point between the arc and the workpiece contour surface, so the radius of the arc on the top of the tool needs to be compensated.

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