Discussion on the selection principle and machining error of clamping and fixture in NC machining.

A, CNC machining parts clamping. The basic principles of positioning and installation are mainly reasonable selection of positioning datum and clamping scheme. The specific principles should be followed:

1, design, process and programming, the three, to strive for benchmark unity.

2, clamping times to minimize, as far as possible in 1 clamping positioning after processing surface can be processed.

Two, the basic principles of the selection of fixtures in CNC machining:

1. The coordinate direction of fixture and machine tool should be relatively fixed, and the size of parts and machine tool coordinate system should be coordinated as far as possible.

2, if the amount of processing is not very large, should try to use a combination of fixture, adjustable fixture or other universal fixture, in order to shorten the production time, reduce the production cost.

3, if it is mass production, then you can consider the relevant fixture, but the fixture structure should be as simple as possible.

4. The loading and unloading of parts should be convenient and stable, and the parts on the fixture should not interfere with the processing of each surface of parts.

Three, CNC machining error:

Nc machining error, including programming error, machine tool error, positioning error and tool error.


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