Manifold block

Development history of Manifold Block industry

In 2009, The Chinese government issued the “Revitalization Plan for Equipment Manufacturing Industry”, and the basic parts industry of Manifold Block hydraulic and pneumatic seals was included in it, which shows that the development of Manifold Block hydraulic industry from big to strong has been included in the national strategic category. This is a good strategic opportunity period for Manifold Block hydraulic industry to soar again. The author has witnessed the development of this industry for half a century, and dedicates his experience and thinking to those who are in the same profession and care about this industry. Some suggestions are put forward for the goal of becoming a powerful country in Manifold block hydraulic system, and the gap of Manifold block hydraulic system in China is analyzed sharply. And put forward different strategies from the perspective of market development. Two ideas in this paper are worth thinking about: the development of Manifold Block hydraulic must break the small circle of its own closed development in the past and combine with the main engine industry; It is necessary to integrate the market attraction and capital operation means of hydraulic industry in China into a transnational corporation with Chinese characteristics as soon as possible, and have a new layout of the market. The key is to have such a group of entrepreneurs with strategic vision. In a word: hydraulic industry to integrate, go out, the formation of radiation force, can really strong.


Let us review the course and gap of our country hydraulic industry development. In general, the development of Manifold block hydraulic industry in China is consistent with that of the whole country, but the growth rate is higher. In 2009, the output value of Manifold Block hydraulic industry was 26.949 billion yuan, which increased ten times compared with 2.92 billion yuan in 1999. It also ranked second in the world from ninth in 1996. China’s hydraulic development speed is very fast


Looking to the future Manifold block, the main competitors of hydraulic transmission are electric transmission and mechanical transmission. In today’s rapid development of science and technology, under the condition of Manifold block of hydraulic technology must give full play to its own advantages and draw lessons from other areas of advanced technology, continuous innovation, in order to improve the hydraulic components and system performance, reduce costs, and accord with the requirement of energy saving, environmental protection and sustainable development, to maintain a strong competitiveness and expanding application area.

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