Manifold block

Development direction of Manifold Block hydraulic technology in China

At present, the development direction of Manifold Block hydraulic technology in China is to improve the competitiveness of hydraulic transmission and expand its application field. Manifold Block hydraulic transmission should grasp the main core technical problems, improve the technology and transfer advanced technical achievements. The Manifold Block hydraulic rotation can create new vitality and meet the needs of future development by constantly improving its shortcomings and giving play to its advantages.


First of all, improving efficiency is an important problem to be solved in hydraulic technology, and also an effective measure to improve its competitiveness. Manifold Block hydraulic transmission, as a power transmission device, includes the process of conversion from mechanical energy to Manifold block hydraulic energy, transmission from Manifold block hydraulic energy to mechanical energy and external work; Therefore, in the process of energy conversion and transmission, there is inevitably a problem of energy consumption. The total efficiency of the system is equal to the product of the efficiency of the hydraulic pump station, the transmission efficiency of the system and the efficiency of the actuator. The general efficiency of Manifold block hydraulic transmission is 50% ~ 70%, while the efficiency of some walking machines is less than 10%.


Secondly, with the progress of science and technology, the application of new materials, new processes, new technologies and advanced design concepts, the quality, performance, reliability and service life of Manifold Block hydraulic components have been greatly improved. The application of Manifold Block hydraulic transmission system not only pays attention to the selection of high-quality hydraulic components, but also pays more attention to the rationality of the overall matching of the system. The rationality and advanced design of hydraulic system directly affect the reliability, energy saving, environmental protection, service life, cost and maintenance performance.


Finally, the big noise and leakage pollution of Manifold Block hydraulic system have been two difficult problems for hydraulic pressure technology to solve for many years, which greatly affect the competitiveness of hydraulic technology. In the process of realizing the new industrialization, the problems of noise and environmental protection have attracted more and more attention from the society and production enterprises. Manifold Block hydraulic technology must reduce the development direction of noise and no pollution.

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