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Damage of excessive oil temperature in Manifold Block hydraulic station

In order to work normally, the oil temperature of Manifold Block hydraulic system must be controlled in a suitable range, generally it should be controlled between 50-90°C. Once it is higher than 90°C, the function of the system will be affected, resulting in economic loss. The main reasons for excessive oil temperature of hydraulic system are as follows:


(1) Excessively high temperature oil will aggravate the aging of rubber products such as seals in the pressure system, Manifold block hydraulic hose, etc., and the rapid flow of oil in fine cracks will lead to serious oil leakage, increase production costs and cause environmental pollution.


(2) the Manifold block of hydraulic oil temperature is high, will make the hydraulic oil viscosity reducing or too high, too low viscosity, increased leakage, the oil rapidly from the gap flow can produce local high temperature and cause the system to have high oil temperature rise, if high viscosity of the oil in the pipe and hydraulic components through resistance increases, the volume of the pump efficiency, output flow decreases, Affect the working speed of the executive components; The decrease of oil viscosity increases the flow rate of oil into the orifice or valve port, which changes the adjusted speed of the original actuator and affects the control accuracy of the system.


(3) The oil temperature rises, so that the hydraulic components produce thermal deformation, the hydraulic valve spool, valve sleeve and other components are expanded by heat, and the clearance is reduced, affecting the normal action of the hydraulic valve, increasing the wear of the valve core and valve sleeve, and even stuck in serious cases.


(4) Too high oil temperature will aggravate the oxidation of hydraulic oil, lead to oil deterioration, easy to produce flocculant and other impurities particles, block the damping hole of hydraulic components, throttle hole, affect the normal operation of the system.


(5) The causes of overheating of Manifold block hydraulic system are Manifold. Different application conditions cause different faults. If we understand the principle of the system and the principle of the problem, we can take certain preventive measures and strengthen maintenance, which can reduce the economic loss caused by the failure.


The reason of the oil temperature rise plateau in Manifold Block hydraulic station should be judged after considering many aspects. Sometimes the oil temperature rise is caused by a certain reason, and sometimes it may be caused by the superposition of many reasons. In the process of analyzing the problem, the causes should be analyzed from various aspects, such as whether the oil temperature rise is caused by improper pressure regulation, the failure of hydraulic components or the heat caused by bad cooling, to find out the root cause of the problem.

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