D03 Hydraulic Manifold, BM6PH Parallel Circuit High Flow Bar Manifold

* Available Materials: Aluminum alloy nos. AL6061-T6 or carbon steel 45#
* Max. Pressure: Aluminum up to 207bar/3000psi, Steel up to 350bar/500psi
* Threaded Connection: SAE-16; SAE-12 ;or 1″BSPP; 3/4″BSPP ; 1/4″8BSPP

D03 Manifold BM6PH series of parallel circuit hydraulic valve manifolds are designed for high flow rate operation in the hydraulic system, the steel materials will be able to reach the pressure to 600Mpa, we are using high strength of 45# carbon steel as raw materials, please check the raw material international standards:
China=GB 45, Japan= JIS S45C/S48C, Germany= DIN C45, England= BS IC45/080A47, France= AFNOR CC45;Italy= UNIC4, Spain= F.114, USA= AISI/SAE 1045, ISO standard= ISO C45E4
Manifold Block Surface Treatment:
Steel= Black galvanized or zinc plated
Alloy Aluminum= Aluminum oxidation
Manifold For Valve Adopted Pattern:
ISO no.: 4401-03-02
Rexroth: WE
Bosch: FD4-**HS-*01
Continental: V*D03M, E*03M,V*5M
Denison: A-3D01
Nachi:SA-G01, SS-G01,DMA-G0
Parker: D1VW; Vickers/ (K)DG4V-3

Hydraulic Manifold BM6PH Series Ordering Code:

D03 Hydraulic Manifold

Hydraulic Manifold BM6PH Series Ordering Code:

Hydraulic Manifold11

Hydraulic Manifold13

Hydraulic Central Manifold Housings was a hydraulic manifold block at the centre of small hydraulic power unit, it is a hydraulic manifold which connect motor and pump/tank .This central manifold suppose to give both a single and double acting hydraulic circuits.

Manifold block11

Manifold block11

Each central hydraulic manifold block is designed to contain cartridge hydraulic valve cavities which are an Industry Common Cavities (ICC) size 3/4″-16UNF, size 8.
The screw in hydraulic cartridge valves functions:-

Cartridge Relief valve: standard valve adjustable from 40 bar up to 315bar

Flow control valve: control hydraulic cylinder speed, only control cylinder down speed if the hydraulic system is single acting application.

Cartridge Check Valve: Hold pressure in P line, keep single acting hydraulic cylinder stay.

Lowering Valve Cavity: This cavity normally fitted with a solenoid valve which can be normally closed ,sometimes with a normally open solenoid cartridge valve . Alternatively a manual lowering valve can be fitted to control the lowering with a handle lever valve.

Each Hydraulic Power Pack including a central manifold block for assembling hydraulic components.

The central hydraulic manifold block is designed mounting faces with 2 * M10 – 82mm threads.

Pressure and return connections thread are normally 3/8″ BSPP Ports, either 1/4″BSPP available . Sometimes we can add modular CETOP 03 valves using stackable valve manifold block to connect central manifold.