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Competition pattern of Manifold Block hydraulic products


At present, the development of Manifold Block hydraulic valve is attributed to the basic complete product functions and specifications, which can meet the overall requirements of the project. However, the performance of Manifold block hydraulic valve is a weak part in China. But in general, domestic valve advantage in the price, the gap in quality. But that’s only on the surface.


Compared with foreign countries, the gap of Manifold Block hydraulic industry in China in terms of hydraulic valves lies in management rather than technology and quality in the middle and low end market. At the end of the day, the real gap is the gap between the ideological funding system and the mechanism. It’s not technical in nature, including the gap at the top of the market. So we need to hit the low-end quality, squeeze the middle management, into the high-end technology. Take the road of capital expansion and merger.


Manifold block hydraulic valve


First of all, it is the level of technology to occupy the commanding heights of the market, which is the high-level and high-level technology required by the high-end market. By far the most common is the CAN bus. The integration of electromechanical and hydraulic bus technology will occupy the next five years more than the commanding heights of technology. Major multinational hydraulic companies have developed or are developing Manifold block hydraulic valve series products based on this technology, which are used for variable control of hydraulic pump and various valve control circuits of the system.


This aspect of the development of construction machinery hydraulic products leading. China’s hydraulic enterprises in this aspect of the gap is expanding. The widening of this gap is not the technology itself in essence, but the development of Chinese enterprises in this aspect of the concept and thinking is very different. According to the author’s understanding and judgment of the technology, the gap is now at least about five years. Because this aspect of development has not yet entered the entrepreneur’s vision.


At present, a popular concept in the international market, that is, not only to provide products but to provide users with required solutions or a holistic sales concept; And now this concept more development for: that is, the hydraulic distributors to provide users with value-added services, not just the traditional products themselves. This is more popular with users.


In this concept, small and medium-sized enterprises have more room for development, especially small and medium-sized enterprises, focus on the use of technical characteristics to occupy the market, is a very active factor to promote the development of hydraulic valves. However, when the products produced by small and medium-sized enterprises with technology development characteristics reach a certain market share, they are more likely to be absorbed by multinational corporations.

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