Common faults of hydraulic system of floor milling and boring machine:

1, excessive noise fault

On the one hand, due to the blockage of the oil filter, the leakage of the suction pipeline, the viscosity of the oil is too high or the oil temperature is too low, resulting in the oil pump suction; On the other hand, because the oil level is too low, the filter is exposed, the suction pipeline leakage, the oil pump shaft seal ring leakage and other reasons, so that the oil foam; Oil pump wear or damage, loose coupling between oil pump and motor, mechanical vibration, etc., can also cause excessive noise.

2. Insufficient pressure or unstable failure

Causes of insufficient pressure or instability: air intake of the oil pump or the direction of rotation of the oil pump is not correct; Because the oil pump is damaged or worn, the oil viscosity is too low, resulting in excessive heat of the oil pump; Relief valve or pressure reducing valve failure, performance in the adjustment, no change in pressure or stuck phenomenon; Oil pump suction empty, oil foam, mechanical vibration and so on. Insufficient or unstable pressure. The solution is to use inspection tubing and oil pump steering; Change the oil pump, choose the appropriate working oil according to the temperature; Clean the overflow valve and pressure reducing valve, check the wear of the valve, properly repair and check whether the oil path is blocked, and analyze the cause of excessive overflow oil resistance.

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