A causes the thermal deformation of the guide rail processed by the floor boring and milling machine

Floor boring and milling machine processing equipment with boring, drilling, milling, grooving and other functions; Equipped with high-precision rotary table, right-angle milling and other functional accessories, it is used for turbine, generator, heavy machinery and other large workpiece processing equipment in metallurgy, energy, power and other industries.

There are three main reasons for thermal deformation of guide rail:

1. Friction heat will be generated between the spindle running at speed and the rolling bearing in the headstock, resulting in thermal deformation of the spindle.

2. The friction heat between the ball screw and the nut that plays a driving role causes the thermal deformation of the guide rail.

3, floor boring and milling machine processing guide rail and workbench friction heat caused by heat guide rail.

Guide rail is the reference of the relative motion position of the main parts of machine tool, and its accuracy directly affects the relative position relation of the forming motion of machine tool. Machine tool guide errors mainly include straightness errors in horizontal plane and vertical plane of guide rail; Parallelism error of front and rear guide rails in vertical plane.

Floor boring and milling machine processing guide rail thermal deformation will lead to guide surface uplift, guide rail edge tilt and deflection and linear positioning error, the movement of the table on the guide rail after thermal deformation, will affect the relative position of the turning tool and the workpiece, thus affecting the precision of the lathe, affect the workpiece processing quality.


B CNC longmen milling machine processing should take safety measures

CNC longmen milling machine is the tool and workpiece motion coordinate is divided into smaller units, that is, smaller displacement. According to the requirements of the workpiece program, the NUMERICAL control system makes the coordinates move a number of small displacement, so as to realize the relative movement of the tool and the workpiece, so as to complete the machining of the workpiece.

Due to the wide application of CNC gantry milling machine processing industry, the running speed of grinding machine is faster, grinding force is very large, so we in the daily operation and use, to take safe protective measures, not only to avoid the danger caused by grinding wheel, but also to avoid a large number of grinding workpiece chip inhalation. When starting the machine, check the grinder to ensure the tightness of the workpiece, so as to avoid the workpiece derailment, flying out of the grinding wheel or smashing.

CNC gantry milling machine processing is mainly used for complex shape of the workpiece, but the structure of the fixture used is often not complex. The selection of fixture can be determined according to the batch production of the workpiece. For single, small batch, large workload of mold processing, generally can be directly in the machine tool table through adjustment to achieve positioning and clamping, and then through the setting of the processing coordinate system to determine the position of the workpiece.


C Describes the installation of large machinery and equipment

One, installation part: in order to better maintain the accuracy of large machinery and equipment processing work, installation part selection of impact, vibration and temperature change is small, easy to lift parts of transportation and traffic travel without obstacles. In addition, it is also necessary to avoid installing the equipment in areas where dust and metal materials often fly in, so as not to wear and grind the slide surface.

The limited specifications for moving on both sides of the operating platform can refer to the foundation drawing, and the installation position of the electrical control cabinet on the foundation drawing can only be used as reference. The customer’s layout can be decided according to the detailed situation of the workshop layout (the cable length should be taken into account).

Two, the installation of foundation: large mechanical equipment processing work accuracy and installation of the foundation of the structure of the bending stiffness is closely related to the foundation engineering construction is not good, in the load caused by deformation, will be more serious harm to the accuracy of equipment.

Before preparing for installation, it is necessary to consider the soil layer condition, temperature transition, surface water and other hazards in advance. The construction and installation of foundation should be carried out according to the foundation drawing. Use concrete and empty the holes for installing foundation screws. The depth of earthwork excavation is determined by the bearing capacity of the soil layer. The basic surface layer should be smooth and the installation equipment should be carried out after the concrete has solidified.