CNC milling machine general operation steps

(1) writing or programming processing should be the first preparation of the workpiece processing program, if the workpiece processing program is longer and more complex, it is best not to program on the machine tool, and the use of programming machine or computer programming, so as to avoid occupation time, for short programs should also be written on the program sheet.

(2) Generally, the machine tool is turned on first and then the system is turned on. In some designs, the two are interlocked, and the machine tool cannot display information on the CRT without power.

(3) Back to reference Point For machine tools with incremental control systems (using incremental position detection elements), this step must be performed first to establish the moving datum of the machine tool coordinates.

(4) the processing program according to the storage medium (paper tape, tape or disk), can use the tape reader, cassette tape recorders, input, serial communication programming machine or if it is a simple program can be directly on the keyboard on the CNC control panel, if the program is very simple and simple processing, the program without saving is necessary. MDI can be used for section by section, section by section processing. In addition, the program used in the origin of the workpiece, tool parameters, offset quantity, a variety of compensation quantity must be input before processing.

(5) Edit the program if the input program needs to be modified, it should be edited. At this point, put the mode selection switch in the edit position, use the edit key to add, delete, change. See the instructions for editing methods.

(6) The machine is locked and the program is run. This step is to check the program. If there is any error, it needs to be edited again.

(7) On the workpiece, alignment of the knife by manual incremental movement, continuous movement or the use of hand wheel to move the machine. Point the cutter to the beginning of the program, and make a good reference to the cutter.

(8) The program in memory is generally used to start coordinate feed for continuous processing. In this way, the failure rate is lower than that of paper-tape processing. Feed rate switch can be used to adjust the feed speed in processing. During the processing, the feed hold button can be pressed to suspend the feed movement, observe the processing situation or make manual measurement. Press the cycle start button again to resume processing. To ensure that the procedure is correct, it should be rechecked before processing. In the milling process, for the plane curve workpiece, can use a pencil instead of cutting tool on the paper workpiece contour, so more intuitive. If the system has tool path simulation function, it can be used to check the correctness of the program.

(9) Operation display using the CRT screen to display the position of the workbench or tool, the program and the state of the machine tool, so that the operator to monitor the processing situation.

(10) After the program output processing, if it is necessary to save the program, it can be left in the CNC memory. If the program is too long, it can output the program in the memory to external devices (such as punches) and save it on the perforated paper tape (or tape, disk, etc.).

(11) The machine should be shut down first and then the system.

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