CNC longmen milling machine processing technology

CNC longmen milling machine is a wide range of heavy-duty machine tools, mainly used in steel, energy, chemical, bridge, railway, automobile, military, mold and machine tool occupation of large and medium-sized parts of the plane milling, such as water plane, vertical plane, inclined plane, arc and a variety of plane guide surface.

The side milling head is equipped with TYPE V5 (5.5KW) fine gantry boring and milling head, which has strong rigidity and can be equipped with tool moving motor.

General milling/CNC milling one key to change the three axis CNC system, can be programmed to operate and can use the expansion panel manual operation, in the actual machining process to complete the strong;

Bed back and forth, beam up and down, vertical milling head and bottom are equipped with Taiwan ball screw, driven by servo motor;

With the American Martin company synchronous belt, synchronous wheel;

Hand-held electronic handwheel unit, convenient for three-axis knife;

Unique beam lifting safety interlocking equipment to ensure the repeated positioning of machine tools

The cycloid pump group is continuous and smooth, and the failure rate is low.

According to the standard machine tool skills, manual scraping guide surface


Inspection CNC longmen milling machine should pay attention to the question: because the measured axis length is not the same, so the given way of linear tolerance of positioning accuracy should not be a single, but should be different. Gb GB10931-89 Digital control machine tool position accuracy evaluation method rules, axis positioning accuracy linear tolerance of the given way mainly have the following:

The importance of CNC longmen milling machine inspection: Longmen milling is the quality of machine planning, production, installation and debugging, especially the overall inspection of machine tool accuracy. It is directly related to the function, reliability, machining accuracy and comprehensive machining capacity of machine tools. However, in the actual inspection, there are often some technical or managerial questions. If it cannot be handled correctly in time, it will affect the inspection quality of machine tools. There are concerns that load tests may damage machine tools, reduce or even destroy their accuracy. According to the standard rules, the geometric accuracy of the machine should be checked before and after the load test. The working accuracy test is also carried out after the load test. Its purpose is to further check the machine tool. Longmen milling machine body guide rail longitudinal straightness adjustment, large CNC machine tools, such as CNC longmen milling machine, floor type boring and milling machine, heavy CNC rotor lathe, its bed is longer, composed of several sections. The adjustment of the straightness of the bed guide rail in the vertical plane is usually adjusted into a convex curve according to the standard rules of machine tool accuracy inspection. The guide rail is artificially adjusted into convex shape, its essence is a kind of preload.Guilong manifold blocks