CNC gantry milling machine processing safety knowledge

1, the safety of materials, only to ensure the safety of materials and machinery, in line with the relevant standards, so as to ensure that it will not cause too much impact and damage to our human body.

2, shape and moving parts, which is also very important, only to ensure the smooth shape of mechanical processing equipment and moving parts, so as to avoid unnecessary trouble and influence, so that our work can continue to work normally, not because of extrusion and other effects on safety.

3, in order to avoid the injury caused by extrusion, in the process of large mechanical processing, we need to keep the operation of parts in accordance with the relevant requirements, to prevent the occurrence of accidents, resulting in adverse effects and harm, the loss is outweighed by the gain.

4, the working position, the working position should be safe and reliable, so as to let our operators better operation, at the same time to avoid our body into the danger zone is very important.Guilong manifold blocks