CNC gantry milling machine processing performance characteristics

CNC gantry milling machine has the characteristics of rigidity, high efficiency, easy operation and simple structure.

Its specific performance characteristics are different according to the type, model and manufacturer, the performance characteristics are as follows:

1. TX400 heavy gantry milling head, double rectangular guide rail;

2, milling head with ball screw, pneumatic broach device, electric drive;

3. The side milling head is equipped with V5 type longmen milling head, and equipped with lubrication device. The lifting is driven by ordinary reducer, and the speed regulation is controlled by frequency conversion.

4, general milling/CNC milling one key conversion three axis CNC system, programmable operation and can use the expansion panel manual operation, in the actual machining process of high realization;

5, bed back and forth, up and down the beam, vertical milling head and down are equipped with ball screw, driven by servo electric;

6, with synchronous belt, synchronous wheel;

7, hand-held electronic handwheel unit, convenient three-axis knife;

8, cross beam lifting interlocking equipment, so that the machine repeated positioning accuracy;

9, cycloid pump group continuous lubrication, low failure rate.

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