CNC gantry milling machine processing guide rail repair process procedures

1, with oxygen – acetylene flame baking CNC gantry processing guide rail is scratched parts, control the temperature, so as not to surface annealing, the perennial metal surface of the oil baked out, baked to no sparks.

2, will be scratched with Angle grinding machine surface treatment, grinding more than 1 mm, and along the guide rail grinding groove, dovetail groove is better. The holes at both ends are deepened to change the stress situation.

3, with absorbent cotton dipped in acetone or anhydrous ethanol to clean the surface.

4. Smear evenly and evenly to the scratched surface; The first layer should be thin, uniform and cover the scratched surface to make the material stick to the metal surface. Then the material should be coated to the whole processing part and repeatedly pressed to make the material fill and reach the required thickness, making it slightly higher than the surface of the guide rail.

5, the material generally at 24 degrees Celsius to achieve the performance of about 24 hours, in order to save time, you can raise the temperature through the halogen tungsten lamp, the temperature rises 11 degrees Celsius, the curing time will be shortened by half, the better curing temperature is about 70 degrees Celsius.

6. After the material is cured, the material on the surface of the guide rail processed by CNC longmen milling machine will be smooth and the construction is completed with fine grinding stone or scraper.

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