CNC gantry milling machine processing application

The future CNC longmen milling and boring machine processing refined road, through fine manufacturing, improve the technical content of the process, to ensure the safety of machine tools and environmental protection, showing the personalized needs of CNC longmen milling and boring machine. In terms of the current machine tool industry, large combined compound processing machine tool will be the direction of development, so the implementation of the floor milling and boring machine, the future milling and boring machine will also work hard to large combination and compound processing.

The appearance of compound processing concept, realize the workpiece in a card to complete most or all the processing process, and then achieve the purpose of reducing machine tools and fixtures, improve the workpiece processing accuracy, shorten the processing cycle and save the area of land.

Composite processing and manufacturing equipment has a history of more than one hundred years, but the real wider application or in the 1980s, CNC technology and CNC machine tool is to become the mainstream of manufacturing technology after the emergence. 20 century 80’s in the late period, along with the machining center function and the structure of the perfection, showed the superiority of the numerical control machine tool of this kind of working procedure concentration, began to appear turning center, grinding center and so on, so that the compound processing is extended and no longer limited to boring, milling and other working procedures. In the late 1990s, it further developed the turning milling center, milling turning center, turning grinding center, etc. In recent years, it also appeared by laser, electric spark and ultrasonic and other special processing methods and cutting, grinding processing method combination of compound machine tool, so that compound processing technology has become a new hot spot to promote the development of machine tool structure and manufacturing technology.

Comprehensive overview, the future floor milling and boring machine to large combination and compound combination, a floor milling and boring machine and a CNC single column vertical car formed a large composite machining center, sharing the bed guide rail, with a floor platform and a rotary table, can complete the car, boring, milling, drilling and other processing, rotary table can be divided; CNC gantry boring and milling machine composed of composite machining center, and share the bed and guide rail, respectively with a rectangular table and a rotary table (indexing), can be boring, milling processing. This kind of combined machine tool can not only meet the needs of small batch production, but also save the site area, reduce the cost and improve the processing efficiency. CNC gantry milling changzhou Yuqing heavy industry CNCGuilong manifold blocks