CNC floor boring and milling machine processing rules

We in the operation of CNC floor boring and milling machine, but also to comply with certain processing rules, so what are the specific rules? The following small make up to give us all about it.

1. We should choose which processing form to use according to the material and its shape, processing precision and surface roughness.

2. For the processing of large allowance, uneven and other problems will cause vibration, so that the surface of the rough boring is rough, the accuracy of processing will also decline.

3 accuracy requirements are not high, we can use rough boring to do the final processing, if the accuracy is high, we can do semi-fine boring for processing.

4 requirements of the hole, we want to use rough boring, fine boring before, but also for semi-fine boring.

5. When fine boring, you can use the first precision in efficiency, so as to ensure the precision of the hole and shape precision.

6. Before boring, lock the rotary table and headstock tightly.

7. If the boring hole is blocked, then we need to wait for a while before withdrawing the knife at the end of feeding.Guilong manifold blocks