Manifold block

Classification and characteristics of Manifold Block hydraulic cylinder

1. Piston Manifold block hydraulic cylinder:


2. Combined Manifold block hydraulic cylinder


3. Plunger type Manifold block hydraulic cylinder: the plunger cylinder has simple structure and convenient manufacture, which is often used for long stroke machine tools, such as plane, guide rail grinding, large broaching machine, etc.


4. Swinging Manifold block hydraulic cylinder: generally only used for reciprocating swing, inversion or intermittent movement in low and medium pressure system.




Manifold block hydraulic valve block design should reduce flow resistance loss


The shape of Manifold Block solenoid directional hydraulic valve block is generally rectangular hexahedron. In the process of production, the valve block material is very suitable for 35 steel forgings or continuous casting billets. The large side length of the hydraulic valve block should not be more than 600mm, and the number of two-way cartridge valve inserts should not be more than 8.


When there are more than 8 plugins in the hydraulic loop, the Manifold block should be divided into several Manifold block, which are connected with each other by bolts, and the connecting channels at the joint surface are sealed by O-type sealing ring, which forms the whole Manifold block group. The rectangular properties of connection bolts shall not be less than class 12.9.


In the design process of Manifold block, it should be avoided to set the complex connected control channel and three-dimensional inclined hole in the body of the Manifold block, and the control channel in the control cover plate or the special control channel connecting body such as pilot control block should be made full use of.


The Manifold block hydraulic valve block should be considered to reduce the flow resistance loss as much as possible and facilitate processing when designing the main channel of the Manifold block. When the main channel is connected with multiple plugins, in order to reduce the local velocity loss at the junction, the method of disconnecting with the plug hole is adopted when using the Manifold block.


The inclined channel should be avoided in the valve block of Manifold Block electromagnetic reversing hydraulic valve. When inclined, the inclined Angle of the channel should not exceed 35°, and the sealing of the Manifold block must be ensured.


This paper analyzes the automation requirements and design of Manifold Block hydraulic valve



Manifold Block hydraulic valve manufacturer: The Manifold block hydraulic valve is an automatic component operated by pressure oil, which is controlled by pressure valve oil to a certain extent. It is usually combined with the Manifold block electromagnetic pressure distribution valve, which can be used to remotely control the on-off of oil, gas and water pipe system of hydropower station. The core component of Manifold Block hydraulic valve is Manifold block hydraulic valve, which plays an important role in controlling the direction, pressure and flow of liquid flow.


To a certain extent, the Manifold Block hydraulic valve can not only simplify the design and installation of the Manifold Block hydraulic system, but also facilitate the integration and standardization of the hydraulic system to a certain extent, which is beneficial to reduce the cost and improve the accuracy and reliability when it is used. The surface roughness of valve and flange installed on Manifold Block hydraulic valve should reach Ra0.4, and the surface roughness of sealing surface of end pipe joint should reach Ra3.2.


All screw holes on Manifold Block hydraulic valve should have machining accuracy requirements, which will generally be used for 7H. The machining accuracy of mounting holes of threaded cartridge valve should meet the requirements of product samples, and the roughness of mounting holes of cartridge valve is Ra0.8. In addition, there should be dimensional tolerance and shape tolerance requirements.


Manifold block of hydraulic valve in the process of design, the oil should be simple as far as possible, to minimize the deep hole, inclined holes and hole, valve block aperture, matching and flow to special attention should be paid to the phase of flow area of holes ensure there is enough, pay attention to the direction and position of oil in and out of the mouth, and the overall arrangement of system and matching pipe connection, And consider the process of installation operation, there are vertical or horizontal installation requirements of components, to ensure that the installation meets the requirements.


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