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1. Precautions for installation of oil pipe



(1) The joints should be fastened and sealed, the suction pipe should not leak, and the appropriate strength should be used for different connection materials to avoid sliding buckle. -china hydraulic valve manifold block suppliers




② The oil suction pipeline should be set up a filter, and check the filter state.




③ The return pipe should be inserted below the oil level of the oil tank to prevent splashing foam and mixing with air.




(4) The leaking oil in the electromagnetic directional valve must be set up separately to return the oil pipe, in order to prevent the back pressure generated when the oil leakage returns, to avoid hindering the movement of the spool. -china hydraulic valve manifold block suppliers




The oil return port of the relief valve shall not be connected with the inlet of the hydraulic pump.




⑥ All pipelines should be installed twice, the first trial installation, the second formal installation. After fitting, remove tubing, use 20%




Sulfuric acid or hydrochloric acid solution pickling, then use 10% of soda water and, finally wash with warm water, to dry after oiling for secondary installation. Pay attention to the cleanliness control during installation, no iron cutting, oxide scale, impurities, etc. -china hydraulic valve manifold block suppliers




After the hydraulic system pipeline connection is completed, to do a good job of the pipeline in place fixed, the pipeline is not allowed to have a dead bend.




2. Matters needing attention when installing hydraulic components



(1) in the component before the installation, should be to clean out piece one by one, the first thing to clean with clean low viscosity hydraulic oil, cleaning process, while flushing non-metallic hammer rod, such as rubber mallet percussion, and remove the attachments in the pipeline, after cleaning the components with plug seal oil hole, and use clean soft plastic packaging, bandage after loading. -china hydraulic valve manifold block suppliers




(2) Purchased components should be voltage value and flow to determine. The important self-made components should be sealed and withstand pressure test, because the hydraulic system actuator is not in the installation site, so the sealing and withstand pressure test need to make necessary tooling, for the test pressure, can work 1.5~2 times the maximum use pressure. The test should be carried out in grades, do not directly rise to the test pressure, each level check once. -china hydraulic valve manifold block suppliers




(3) The direction control valve should ensure that the axis is installed in a horizontal position to reduce the additional force of the movement of the spool.




(4) When the plate element is installed, it is necessary to check whether the sealing ring at the inlet and outlet meets the requirements. The sealing ring should be protruding from the installation plane before installation to ensure a certain amount of compression after installation to prevent leakage.




⑤ When the plate element is installed, the tightening force of the fixing screw should be uniform, so that the installation plane of the element can be in good contact with the plane of the bottom plate of the element. -china hydraulic valve manifold block suppliers




3, the installation of hydraulic pump matters needing attention



(1) The coaxiality deviation between the hydraulic pump drive shaft and the motor drive shaft is less than 0.02mm, and rechecked before assembly. The flexible coupling is used to connect, and the axial or radial load is not allowed to be generated, so as to prevent the pump shaft from being subjected to too much radial force, which will affect the normal operation of the pump. -china hydraulic valve manifold block suppliers




(2) The direction of rotation of the hydraulic pump and the oil inlet and outlet should be installed according to the identification requirements.




In addition to customer requirements, on-line commissioning of hydraulic system shall comply with the following requirements:




(1) Before filling the system, the whole system must be cleaned, and the hydraulic oil must be filtered before being added to the tank. Note that the old and new oil should not be mixed, because the old oil contains a lot of solid particles, moisture, gum and other impurities. -china hydraulic valve manifold block suppliers




(2) Before starting, pay attention to check whether all kinds of components are connected reliably, and whether the name, specification, model and quantity of oil in the tank meet the technical requirements.




(3) In the debugging process, the hydraulic components should be guaranteed to be clean in the disassembly process to prevent foreign bodies from entering the hydraulic system and causing hydraulic system failure. In the process of debugging, the hydraulic components that are not installed for a long time, such as all kinds of oil pipes, valve blocks and other connecting parts, should be sealed with dust-proof blockage.




(4) In the debugging process, it is necessary to observe whether the pump, cylinder, valve and other components in the system work normally, whether there is leakage, and whether the oil pressure, oil temperature and oil level are within the allowable range. -china hydraulic valve manifold block suppliers




⑤ Check whether there is leakage at the connection of the oil pipe; Parts already manufactured by the manufacturer shall also be inspected to prevent loose tubing connections due to turbulence in transit.




The pressure adjustment must start from the low pressure step by step, prohibit the direct start of the hydraulic system in the high pressure state.




The debugging process sequence must be carried out according to the process requirements, related to the hydraulic pipe in accordance with the design and assembly process requirements of reasonable connection. -china hydraulic valve manifold block suppliers

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