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Causes and treatment of Manifold Block hydraulic valve internal leakage


Manifold Block hydraulic valve factory :Manifold Block hydraulic valve has more or less internal leakage phenomenon when working, which is related to the structure and working principle of Manifold Block electromagnetic directional valve, a certain range of internal leakage is normal phenomenon, which cannot be completely avoided. The working principle of the electromagnetic directional valve is that the electromagnet drives the push rod to make the valve core move relative to the power, so as to open or close the corresponding oil hole.


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The clearance between the valve body and the valve core of Manifold block hydraulic valve is called fitting accuracy. The matching precision needs to be strictly controlled within the precise value to ensure the stability of the quality of the solenoid reversing valve. Excessive internal leakage directly affects the working efficiency of the actuator of the hydraulic system, and easily causes faults such as system misoperation.


The fit clearance of Manifold block hydraulic valve is not a simple pursuit of the better precision, but the most appropriate scheme should be selected according to the requirements of working conditions and the comprehensive consideration of cost. As we all know, the hydraulic oil in the hydraulic system is easily mixed with small impurities and difficult to completely eliminate.


It is common practice to use a single filter in the tank to filter impurities. However, this relatively simple, low-cost filter has limited accuracy and cannot effectively filter fine impurities. The matching accuracy of the electromagnetic reversing valve is higher than that of the filter. Obviously, the spool is easily blocked by the impurities that are not filtered, resulting in the failure of the electromagnetic reversing valve.


For high precision electromagnetic directional valve, it is usually recommended to use high precision filtration equipment such as cotton core, which will increase the supporting cost of the whole system. Therefore, the requirements of the leakage size of the electromagnetic directional valve should be flexibly mastered according to the actual work requirements.


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